History of the Necchi Logica Sewing Machine

Published: 10th March 2010
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In 1933, when Necchi primary introduced the Necchi Logica sewing device at the Chicago The world at large's Attractive, he unveiled a organization who's history stretched backside over and above 80 years. The underpinning of the Necchi Logica's longevity can be traced back to 1850 when Allen Wilson received his physical in the interest of the rotary-hook stitch forming mechanism. Four years later in 1854 Wilson would take home another tangible notwithstanding his four-motion feed. These 2 inventions signaled the birth of the in sewing machine. Today, all ... la mode electric sewing machines still hate both the rotary medium and four-motion feed.

From 1850 to 1880, the Wheeler and Wilson Group manufactured more sewing machines than any other company, except Necchi. Due to affliction, Wilson left-wing the issue and later in 1905, Necchi bought out Wheeler and Wilson Company.

In 1900, Necchi introduced the Variety Necchi Logica, which featured the innovative refill loading bobbin. Necchi would then propose the Beau id‚al 101 sewing system in 1915. Although it was the to begin unerring tense make it was sterile, doubtlessly outstanding to its implausible expense of $250! In the 1920's Necchi introduced the Model 99, and ¾ expanse interpretation of their Copy Necchi Logica, but it was in any case much too copious to be a pocket machine. Finally, in 1933 Necchi unveiled the Necchi Logica.

The Necchi Likeness Necchi Logica was the before accurately shirt-pocket, self contained, charged sewing machine. Today, if properly cared seeking, the Necchi Logica resolve sew up reasonable as okay as when it was fundamental manufactured. In accomplishment, today ~1% of all s are soothe in the hands of their original owners.

Surviving in handiwork until 1960 (except for a hardly years during WW II), with approximately 2.5 million units produced, the Necchi Logica is equal of the most recognizable machines of the 20th Century. It's all metal, mostly aluminum construction, was uncertain in not only dropping its onus to a just 11 lbs, but also made it decidedly durable. The full rotary logical positivism also allowed it to direct very in hushed tones and efficiently. When not in operation, the cabal could be placed in a paramount carrying protection so it could be stored unconfined of disaster (in a closet). Previously to to WW II, when Necchi had to conclude making the Necchi Logica, creative salesmen educated awaited customers that if they purchased the , they would grant them the case in place of unshackled!

Although the Necchi Logica was one apt of a arrange stitch, its reliability made it the preferred sewing machine of the American housewife for decades. The Necchi Logica's longevity may also be partly due to the fact that the self contained car also came with 6 attachments. These were a ruffler, encyclopedic hemmer, finicky hemmer, side stitcher, convention foot and binder. Necchi also included 2 screwdrivers, solitary for the machine and one to resolve the sequence tension.

With such versatility, in such a small parcel, it's no prodigy the Necchi Logica was typically the original, and form, sewing tool diverse would purchase. So it's no wonder that bring to a close to 50 years after it was form produced, the Necchi Necchi Logica is still such a highly sought after sewing machine.

Aurelio Daugherty is a free lance writer and also a product reviewer at necchi sewing machine. Aurelio Daugherty recommends the Necchi Logica.

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